About Sag Media Communications

Sag Media Communications was founded in 2011. We are a digital advertising agency specialized in integrated marketing communications campaigns (online communication, content, social media & PR, omnichannel marketing, sales & lead generation). We offer services to startups and established businesses from various European countries.

Our Founding Members

Our agency was founded by Andreea and Cristian Paleologu, former business journalists, currently trained marketing specialists with extensive know-how in communications & innovative advertising campaigns.

Andreea Paleologu

Andreea Paleologu worked as Group Marketing Manager for Studio Moderna & Studio Moderna Fashion Group, 2 top e-commerce groups from Slovakia and Germany. She specializes in e-commerce MarCom, as well as digitization strategies for traditionally ‘offline companies’.

Cristian Paleologu

Cristian Paleologu worked for mediaTRUST, a top Polish media & publishing company operating also in SEE, as Head Analyst & Strategist. He is the head of our Tech team, also having expertise in website development & app implementation, as graduate of Polytechnics.